Oxana Federova Dethroned as Miss Universe

Oxana Fedorova
Oxana Fedorova: "Whoever saw me before can say I did not put on seven kg. And of course, I am not pregnant, I dream of becoming a mother, and maybe I will — it would be wonderful, but not now."
The Story

Fedorova denied the pregnancy rumors and stated that she voluntarily gave up her crown for personal reasons, mainly because she wanted to finish her law degree.

Officially, she was dethroned for failing to perform the numerous duties expected of a Miss Universe titleholder. At the time she stated in an interview that she had declined to perform her duties because she was so insulted by her treatment on The Howard Stern Show.

She blamed the pageant organizers for not warning her of the frequently profane Stern commentary, of which she, as a foreigner, had no prior knowledge. The crown was passed on to Panama's Justine Pasek, the first runner-up, who consequently became her country's first Miss Universe.

The Interview

(Here's the transcript copy of the interview to Oxana from CNN TRANSCRIPTS)

...and, up next, why the Russians are mad about the Miss Universe contest. My goodness.



BROWN: This next story has got glitz and controversy and embarrassing innuendo on something that's interesting but, we will acknowledge, not the most important issue on the planet. In short, a perfect storm over a story for the tabloids, a bit of fun for us.

Miss Universe, Oxana Fedorova, was fired today. Donald Trump owns the Miss Universe pageant, and his people were whispering to the gossip mill that Miss Fedorova was a prima donna who wasn't fulfilling her duties, and important functions they are, no doubt.

There was also speculation that she may have been secretly married, possibly pregnant, pure scandal in the pageant world. Miss Fedorova herself sees this all differently, as you can imagine. And since she's a trained cop and an expert markswoman, we can't afford not to listen to her.

So here is how Russian TV covered all of this, "Their News" from NTV.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE (through translator): Today, Miss Universe from Russia, Oxana Fedorova, had her crown removed. The first runner- up, Miss Panama, Justine Pasek, took her place. If somebody feels a little down over the news, don't rush. Justine's father is an engineer from Ukraine and has Slavic blood in her veins.

Now, let's go to our correspondent in New York, Vasily Arkado (ph), where the ceremony took place.

VASILY ARKADO (through translator): More than three hours ago in the building behind me, called Trump Tower, Miss Panama crowned new Miss Universe after Miss Russia was fired. She will carry the title until June 2003.

Donald Trump, the owner of the tower and also pageant organizer, crowned Miss Panama himself. This is the first incident in the pageant's 52-year history, because as Mr. Trump says, Miss Fedorova couldn't keep up with her travel duties.

But rumors about Miss Fedorova secretly married, that changed her from Miss to Mrs., not true. And, for Donald Trump, he doesn't have facts.

ANNOUNCER (through translator): NTV hero of the day.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And now, live from NTV studio, my guest Oxana Fedorova. Hello, Oxana. Please tell us: were you ready to see the event turn this way?

OXANA FEDOROVA: The thing is, I'm a very determined person, and to do two things at the same time is not possible for me or anybody. If you chase after two rabbits, you won't catch any. And the most important thing in my life is my studies and my career.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Was it easy for you to give up the title?

FEDOROVA: Unfortunately, it wasn't easy for me. But I was determined what I'm going to do, so I didn't give it lots of thought.And another thing that made me quit my tiara and continue my education was my participation in the TV show, "The Howard Stern Show." That show contradicts my personal philosophy, my personal image, and the image of my country.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, what exactly happened in that "Howard Stern Show" that you didn't like?

FEDOROVA: Many people know about that show, how scandalous it is, of course. Nobody warned me about it, and if I knew what that show was about, I would have never participated in it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We thank you, Oxana, for talking to us.


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